Active Nation Change Restrictions

PotBS traditionally had an Active Nation Change restriction, and while this was lifted on the Live Servers (Roberts & Antigua), this restriction is still in place on Legacy. This restriction adds a special poignance to the decision placed before New Players... what Nation would they like to play?

Unfortunately, the game does NOT do a good job of explaining that this is a very important decision, and not one that can be rapidly (or easily) backed out of. Because once you select a Nation to Play on a given Account, you are restricted to playing that Nation for the duration of the current Map cycle.

Also, once you choose a Nation to be Active, you cannot see or play any other Nation's Captains on your Account for that map cycle, only those of the currently-active Nation.

This lack of clear instruction has historically led to any number of new Players struggling to grasp why they could not create Captains of a different Nation, even after they had deleted all of the existing Captains on their Account.

A while ago, on the Live Servers, this classic restriction was actually lifted and this constantly-appearing question went away. But we expect to see a return of it when Legacy is live! Hence, we hope this short word to the wise is of value!

On Legacy, the original FLS model will be followed -- the only way to change your Account's Nation in the middle of an active Map cycle will be to purchase a Nation Change Token in Treasure Aisle.

Due to the lack of clear explanation in the character creation process that dates back to the FLS days, Nation Change Tokens were often another source of confusion for new Players, as many mistakenly assumed these Tokens could be used to change the Nationality of a given CaptainThis was never the case. A Spanish Captain will always be Spanish. The token will not change that. Worse, Players who operated under this misunderstanding, purchased a Nation Change Token and used it to change their Account to point at a different Nation would all of a sudden not see ANY of their Captains from the previous Nation when they logged in -- because you can only see the Captains on your Account that are of your currently-selected Nation. So someone who had been making British Captains and thought they could turn one Spanish was in for a rude surprise. The inevitable result of this was -- you guessed it -- more confusion, more Customer Support, etc.

If you are a new Player reading this, you now know what a Nation Change Token is for, and won't make that mistake!

With that said, the question that naturally follows as a new Player is "How do I know what Nation would be best for me to select?"

The answer to that very pertinent question is to either join the same Nation as your circle of friends will be playing, or take a few minutes to join the game's official Discord Server and ask around! Talk to people in different Societies, see which Nations are the most active (or are doing things you enjoy) and you can make an much more informed decision.